Our legal expertise 

Schengen visa

The application for a long-stay visa at the consulate of the destination country, in the country of origin, is often the starting point of the migration project. This request must be very carefully prepared because it will condition the success of the migration project.

To help you obtain your long-stay visa, the immigration lawyers of the Visalex network take charge of carefully preparing your application, checking and validating all the required documents, and ensuring that the consular procedure is fully compliant.

In case of rejection of your visa application, in each country of the European Union a Visalex lawyer is able to exercise the necessary recourses, with the best chances of success.

Residence permit

By holding a long-stay visa granted by the consulate of the European country of destination, the applicant may then apply for a residence permit in the country concerned.

The mission entrusted to the lawyers of the Visalex network also includes advice and assistance after entry into the destination country. The issuance of the residence permit in the requested category requires the completion of often complex procedures and formalities, which we take full responsibility for. 


European residency secures you the right to settle down and live, and in many cases work in your new country -- but only in that country.

Please note that a residence permit does not give you the right to live and settle down or work in  any European country. You may have access to the medical system, your children can go to school in that country.


You will be a European resident, so you have free access to Europe as a traveller and also as a businessman. Holding a European residence permit makes it easy and free to travel throughout Europe and to obtain visas to other countries, e.g. USA, UK.

Our main fields of intervention :

• Real estate investment
• Business investment
• Corporate establishment
• Self employed worker
• Start-ups
• M&A, partnerships
• Joint-ventures

Others EU Migration profiles

• Employed worker
• Family member
• Highly-qualified worker
•Other worker
• Researcher
• Seasonal worker
• Self-employed worker
• Student


The acquisition of the nationality of the European country of residence is determined according to the rules specific to each member of the Union.

As a general rule, a minimum period of residence is required, as well as professional integration and respect for the values of the country concerned. Some countries grant citizenship to immigrants willing to invest a significant amount in their economy (Malta, Cyprus, Bulgaria).

In 2017, some 825,000 people acquired the nationality of a European Union (EU) Member State. This is down from 2016 (995,000) and 2015 (841,000).

More than 80% of naturalised people are non-European foreigners or stateless persons. The majority of foreigners naturalised in Europe in 2017 were naturalised by five countries: Italy (18% of the EU total or 146 600 people), the United Kingdom (15%), Germany (14%), France (14%) and Sweden (8%). Nearly 40% of naturalized citizens are under 25 years of age.

Business immigration

The VISALEX network is the best reception platform for business immigration candidates in Europe.

Whether you are a company already well established in your country, a start-up, an investor, an entrepreneur, a high-level executive, an independent, the network's business immigration lawyers provide you with valuable local advice and support to make your business or professional establishment a success.

All legal or para-legal dimensions are integrated into the mission entrusted to the specialist lawyer you have chosen, whose skills and experience in the relevant market have been recognized.

We deliver a free assessment of your personal case. Just call us !

Judicial Litigation

In each Member State of the European Union, a Visalex lawyer specialising in immigration and nationality litigation may represent and assist you in challenging the refusal or negative decision you have received.

We also intervene to challenge decisions to leave the territory, withdrawal of residence permit, change of status, or in emergency situations such as placement in an airport waiting area or an administrative retention center.

The partner law firms can also handle any legal proceedings related to immigration, in commercial, civil or administrative matters

Cross border cases

For the enforcement in Europe of foreign judgments (non-EU), the lawyers of VISALEX network propose to implement relevant procedur allowing the necessary enforcement measures (seizures, injunctions, etc.) to be carried out in the European country concerned.

A judicial decision given by a European Member State may be enforced within the European Union, the applicant for enforcement must simply obtain a certificate issued by the court that issued the decision, certifying in particular that it is enforceable in his or her State of origin.


Visalex international lawyers can help the beneficiary of the judgment to take direct measures of enforcement in accordance with the rules applicable in the executing State.

We also take in charge complex migration cases resulting from mobility within the U.E.